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PORTLAND: Wednesday, February 5, 6:00 - 9:00pm

SOLD OUT (Wait list available).

215 SE 9th Ave #204

Portland, OR


Advanced Sensory Workshop: Wine Faults and Flaws

$80 tuition / $65 for Members and WSA Alums

In this class we'll explore the most common wine faults impacting wine style and quality such as TCA, Brettanomyces, oxidation, volatile acidity, excess sulfur and more. Discussion will explore the origin and development of these faults, how they are controlled during the winemaking process and how to sniff them out. Samples of flawed wines will be available for examination and - to save our palates - we'll toss in some "clean" and delicious wines as well.

Who should attend: This class is ideal for students who are serious enough about wine to want to better understand when things go wrong. It is recommended that students have a foundation in wine basics before taking this workshop (having completed either the Introduction to Wine Series, a WSET Wine Certification Course or other similar training.

About the instructor:Regina Daigneault is a wine educator with over 35 years in the wine industry as a sommelier, wine director and sales manager. This workshop is built on the Sensory Evaluation curriculum Regina developed as a faculty member at Northwest Wine Academy at South Seattle College.