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Sunday, August 2, 11:30am to 5:30pm

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Advanced Wine Tasting Workshop

$175 tuition / $155 for Members and WSA Alumni

In this advanced workshop, students will learn to identify and isolate common wine aromas and flavors. In each session, students will:

  • Systematically evaluate the fruits, spices, herbs, flowers and other components commonly found in wine
  • Taste and evaluate base wines scented and flavored with common wine components 
  • Participate in mini-lectures and discussions about how and why various aromas and flavors are expressed in wine (for example, where does that green bell pepper scent come from?)
  • Participate in a blind tasting exercises to put into practice what we've learned. 

If you've ever struggled to identify black currant or gooseberry or if you're not quite sure how to distinguish between tarragon and star anise, this is the class for you!

This workshop assumes an understanding of wine tasting technique and is ideal for students who have completed WSET Wine Certification Courses, the Introduction to Wine Series, Palate Primer Class or have a comparable understanding of wine basics.

About the instructor: Mimi Martin is director of The Wine & Spirit Archive and holds the WSET Diploma in Wine & Spirits.

Session 1

Citrus and Green Fruit / Red Berries / Minerality / Herbaceous and Vegetal

Session 2

Tropical and Stone Fruit / Dark Berries and Fruits / Earthiness and Gaminess / Spices

Session 3

Autolysis / Dairy / Oak / Oxidation / Maturity